Business Agility 3.0 — Service: On-site Coaching (6-12 months)

This coaching service helps you put all the theoretical pieces of Business Agility into place and mastering them in practice …in your own working environment.

Contact us (form below) for an individual meeting about this coaching service, and possibly customize it to your individual needs.


By your side:

We don’t just send you off on your own after you have completed our courses. But we are your trusted partner along your transformation journey. Therefore, we offer on-site coaching that will help you reach the full effect of Business Agility in the real world, and to capture actual business value from it.


This service is carried out on your company premises, together with your managers and leaders in their daily work. It follows our established and proven framework, which at the same time practices what we teach — Business Agility.

No lock-in:

Our aim is to gradually phase your staff into the tools and practices of this coaching service, until you are able to handle the activity on your own, and your transformation velocity is high and steady.

Continuous relation:

We will also invite you to become a member of our Business Agility Community — a cross-disciplinary network with regular meetings and sessions for continuous learning, idea sharing, seminars, and a think tank.


Course leader

Republify course leader and mentor is Richard Bunk (PhD Physics, MSc Engineering Physics, at Lund University) with more than 20 years of experience in leadership, agile methodologies, organizational development, and business strategy from employers such as SONY, Ericsson, SAAB, Combitech, Halmstad University, and various startups.


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6-12 months




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