Business Agility 1.0 – Foundations Course (3 days)

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To adapt to rapid market changes, simply adopting agile tools and practices isn’t enough; the organizational environment must also be conducive.

This course tackles the challenges managers often face in establishing an ”operating system” for business agility, focusing on six key enabling factors: leadership, culture, structure, people, governance, and ways of working. We explain the significance of each factor and how they collectively contribute to organizational agility.

Course dates/open training

  • 10-12 January (Online)


The course employs real-world examples and tools to offer a realistic perspective on the scope of changes needed. Instead of providing cookie-cutter solutions, the emphasis is on fostering the right mindset, principles, and patterns essential for each organization’s unique agile transformation.

Success in this journey involves not only effective teaching and coaching but also sustained focus and perseverance. Managers must address multiple areas critical for creating an environment where any chosen agile approach can flourish. This holistic view is essential, as not every organization has yet mastered business agility.

This course will provide

  1. The definitive leaders guide to enabling organizational agility
  2. Concrete steps to avoid shallow, ineffective transformations
  3. Stories from the most effective organisations on the planet
  4. Hands-on workshops and exercises

Target group

  1. Leaders & Managers: Those empowered to reinvent systems, structures, and culture
  2. Transformation Teams: Those tasked with working to increase business agility
  3. Board Members: Those concerned with the strategy, performance, and well-being of the entire organization
  4. Coaches & Consultants: Those who advise leaders and transformation teams
  5. Anyone interested in boosting business agility and innovation


  1. An agile mindset


Each day is designed to last approximately 6 to 8 hours, including breaks. The course combines theoretical concepts with practical workshop exercises to ensure participants can apply what they’ve learned in a real-world context. The summary and Q&A session at the end of each day provide room for clarification and deeper understanding.

The training is teacher-led, and is either held in our teaching facilities, on your own premises, or remotely as an on-line course. Course participant may come from different organizations. If you wish a dedicated setup for your company only, just let us know. You can choose whether you want the training to be held in Swedish or English.


Course leader

Republify course leader and mentor is Richard Bunk (PhD Physics, MSc Engineering Physics, at Lund University) with more than 20 years of experience in leadership, agile methodologies, organizational development, and business strategy from employers such as SONY, Ericsson, SAAB, Combitech, Halmstad University, and various startups.


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