Python Programming – Intermediate

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This course gives you an introduction to more advanced concepts in the Python language and starts where the course ”Python Programming – Introduction” ends.

During the course we discuss and highlights the differences in between Python v2 and v3. Exercises are done using Python v3.

Open/Scheduled dates

Remotely: 17-19 juni, 27-29 augusti, 15-17 oktober


Target Group

Programmers, testers and others involved in projects that will involve Python as a coding language.


Basic understanding of the Python language and some experience of programming Python. Knowledge similar to the course ”Python Programming – Introduction”.

Course Overview

Day 1

Da­ta­ty­pes and the ob­ject hi­e­rar­chy


  • The func-object
  • The def keywords
  • Lambda functions
  • Nested functions
  • Closures
  • Decorators


  • Fast enumeration
  • The iteration protocol
  • Iterables
  • Iterators
  • The iteration interface
  • Iterators as separate objects


  • List Comprehensions
  • Nested comrehensions
  • Dict Comprehensions
  • Set Comprehensions


Ad­van­ced ite­ra­tors

  • Generator Expressions
  • Generator Comprehensions
  • Generator functions
  • Generator objects
  • The Yield keyword
  • Generator iterators

Ob­jects, clas­ses and in­stan­ces

  • Old-style vs new-style classes
  • Magic special methods
  • Instance attributes
  • Class attributes
  • Attribute lookup chain
  • Emulate built-in objects
  • Creating callables
  • Creating containers
  • Rich comparison methods
  • @classmethod
  • @staticmethod
  • Abstract classes
  • @property
  • Static variable behavior
  • __slots__

Sor­ting & Re­versing

  • Sorting lists
  • Sorting dicts
  • Sorting instances
  • Sorting iterables
  • Operator methodcaller
  • Reversing strings
  • Reversing lists
  • Reversing iterables


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