Power BI Goals

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Organizations exist to achieve business objectives and in today’s data driven world, we know that progress is measured through data. However, this is often challenging as goal tracking systems are disconnected from your business data and often require manual updates. Not only that, but goals need to be optimized for teamwork, tightly integrated into core business processes, and easily extended.

Power BI Goals is a data-driven, collaborative, and adaptable way to measure key business metrics and goals built directly on top of Power BI. Goals enables teams to easily curate business metrics that matter most and aggregate them in a unified view. From there, teams can measure progress against their goals, proactively share updates with their teammates, and dive deeper into their data when something needs further analysis.



Users can easily monitor the health of their business, bringing in data across multiple Power BI workspaces and create amazing scorecards to drive impact. Power BI Goals allows you to create goals and sub-goals that you want to track for your organisation, usually key operational metrics such as revenue, usage, or customer satisfaction. You can enter your data, and target value manually or pull it from your existing Power BI reports.

This tool is available in Microsoft Teams This one-day workshop will give you everything you need to know about Power BI goals


Business analyst, data analyst, financial analyst, marketing analyst, manager, executive

Power BI’s versatility allows it to serve many users. If you need to analyze data to derive key information, you are concerned.


  • Basic understanding of DAX and you have created reports in Power BI Desktop.
  • Basic understanding of creating Pivot Tables in Excel

Course Topics

  • Creating Scorecards
  • Defining Goals
  • Data driven Goals
  • Manually entered Goals
  • Parent Child Goals
  • Goals for Mobile – Mobile experience for Power BI Goals
  • Automated status rules – Set rules to automatically update goal statuses based on live data
  • Rollups – Define rolls ups (e.g. percentage of total, sum and average) to decide how sub-goals impact main goals
  • Customisations – Formatting capabilities to customise scorecards
  • Scorecard Visual – Visual for Power BI Desktop for users to place alongside other visuals in reports
  • Power Automate integration – Automate your business workflows based on triggers and actions i.e. change in goal status
  • Cascading of Goals – Define hierarchy based on Power BI data model (i.e. product hierarchy or location) and automatically cascade data driven goals across all levels
  • Goal level permissions


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