Power BI Data Models

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The process of creating a complicated data model in Power BI is straightforward. If your data is coming in from more than one transactional system, before you know it, you can have dozens of tables that you have to work with. Building a great data model is about simplifying the disarray. A star schema is one way to simplify a data model, and you’ll learn about the terminology and implementation of them in this module.

You will also learn about why choosing the correct data granularity is important for performance and usability of your Power BI reports. Finally, you’ll learn about improving performance with your Power BI data models.


After this training you’ll be able to:

  • Identify the primary components of data models and describe flat schemas and star schemas
  • Diagnose common Power BI data modeling issues within models and recommend appropriate solutions to them
  • Identify common challenges in Power BI data models, implement smart solutions, and avoid common mistakes


  • Business professionals whose job requires them to design and build data models in Power BI
  • Anyone preparing to take the Microsoft PL-300 exam


To get the most out of this course, you should be familiar with preparing data using Power BI.


  • Common Models
  • Composite Models
  • Complex Models
  • Power BI Aggregations
  • Chained Models
  • Header-Details Models
  • Setting the Grain of the Model
  • Star Schemas
  • Flat Schemas
  • Multiple Fact tables
  • Denormalized Fact Tables
  • Role Playing Dimensions
  • How to handle SCD-Dimensions
  • Leveraging Junk Tables
  • Bi-Directional Filtering
  • Cardinality & Relationships
  • Primary Keys, Surrogate Keys, Natural Keys, Foreign Keys
  • DAX Calculated Tables
  • DAX Calculated Columns
  • DAX Calculated Measures
  • DAX Date Tables
  • Model Performance


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