Data Cleansing with Power BI

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This training is designed for data engineers, data wranglers, developers or data transformers, who need to transform raw data coming from one or more data sources and to make it ready for further modeling and analytics. In this training, you will learn all you need to know about Power Query from zero to hero. You will learn about table transformations and column transformations as well as optimizing techniques.

You will also learn to use M (Power Query Formula Language) to create custom functions and many other advanced level features such as dynamic
parameters. In short, this course will give you the skills needed to transform raw data into good quality data to be used for analytics.



This training is targeted for Data professionals such as data Stewards, or Power users that are looking to design their own Power BI solutions. In other words, this course will take the Self- Service-Business- Intelligence (SSBI) concept to its edge.


  • Knowledge of how to create content using Power BI Desktop.
  • Basic understanding of data warehouse schemas and ETL/ELT operations

Course Topics

  • What is Power Query
  • How Power BI Handles your Data
  • Query Editor Best Practices
  • Preparing Data
  • Shape and Clean your Data
  • Understanding Errors
  • Understanding Parameters
  • Understanding Template Files
  • Getting Data
  • Keeping data current in Power BI
  • Integration with Various Azure Services
  • Text Transformations
  • Numeric Transformations
  • Structured Column Transformations
  • Add Column Transformations
  • Error Handling
  • Date and Time Transformations
  • Understanding M Code
  • Introducing the Power Query M Formula Language
  • Working with M Data Structures
  • Advanced M Scripting
  • Dynamic Parameters in Power Query
  • Introducing Functions Main Concepts
  • Using Power Query Functions
  • Creating Custom Functions
  • Creating Parameterized Functions
  • Designing with Function Queries
  • Performance Tips and Tricks for Power Query


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