Power BI Datasets

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A dataset is a collection of data that you import or connect to. Power BI lets you connect to and import all sorts of datasets and bring all of it together in one place. Datasets can also source data from dataflows. Datasets are associated with workspaces and a single dataset can be part of many workspaces.

When you open a workspace, the associated datasets are listed under the Datasets tab. Each listed dataset is a source of data available for one or more reports, and the dataset may contain data that comes from one or more sources. For example, an Excel workbook on OneDrive, or an on-premises SSAS tabular dataset, or a Salesforce dataset. There are many different data sources supported, and Microsoft adds new ones all the time.



Managing Datasets is a crucial step not just in building, but also maintaining the efficiency and integrity of reports.

In this course, you’ll learn to prepare your datasets to be used in the creation of reports and dashboards in Power BI. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge to configure, manage, share, and protect power BI datasets needed to create and
maintain rich, powerful reports.


Power BI and workspace admins, Dataset Owners, Data Analysts, Data Stewards and Data Engineers


The assumption is that attendees are familiar with Power BI features and understand some basic concepts related to datasets such as Refresh, Permissions, Sharing and so on

Course Topics

  • Imported Datasets
  • DirectQuery Datasets
  • Live Connected Datasets
  • Composite Datasets
  • Chained Datasets
  • Manage dataset refreshes
  • Share and protect your datasets.
  • Working in Lineage view which is used to identify dataset dependency
  • Permissions
  • Sensitivity Labels
  • Gateway configuration
  • Managing Data source credentials
  • Managing Q&A
  • Endorsment & Discovery
  • And much more


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